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Making Room - Our Theme for 2024

Our theme at Lost River for the year 2024 is "Making Room." 

One of the key focuses this year is making room for prayer. Throughout the year, there will be various opportunities to learn more about prayer and to pray together. The main area we will focus on in making room for prayer is in our weekly devotions.

To help us focus on making room for prayer, we will be using an excellent new book titled "Our Eyes Are On You." Each week, Lawrence, Durell, or I will share a short devotion based on one of the chapters from this book. After the devotion, rather than having three questions to answer, we will have prayer prompts for us to use that will be based on the devotion.

Perhaps in the year 2023, you struggled to keep your eyes on God. Maybe you had a year filled with challenges, hardships, and difficulties. Perhaps it was a year full of temptations and spiritual struggles that overwhelmed you like an army. Maybe you had a year that was just busy, chaotic, and fast-paced. Because of all these factors and more, maybe you have felt distracted and disconnected from God.

But this year, 2024, is an invitation to refocus our vision so that through all the highs and lows that this year might bring, our eyes are constantly looking to God through prayer. As King Jehoshaphat recognized, we have no power within ourselves. But by daily communing with God in prayer, we see and experience all the power of his love, faithfulness, healing, forgiveness, and presence resting upon and empowering us.

So, each week in 2024, join us, and maybe invite others to join you in making room for prayer.

Upcoming Events

  1. Lord's Supper Service - 9 AM
    Sunday, May 26th, 20249:00am
  2. Bible Classes (All Ages) - 9:50 AM
    Sunday, May 26th, 20249:50am
  3. Prayer, Praise, Preaching - 10:40 AM
    Sunday, May 26th, 202410:40am
  4. Worship - 7 PM
    Wednesday, May 29th, 20247:00pm
  5. Lord's Supper Service - 9 AM
    Sunday, June 2nd, 20249:00am