Youth Classes

Youth Classes

Here at Lost River we are blessed with a lot of children. Our halls echo with the sound of their joy as they play after services. We have many families across the spectrum of children rearing – infants, toddlers, and school age, up to and including college. We have a dynamic and loving group of teachers whose aim is to nurture and instruct our children and to support the parents as they strive to bring their children up in the Lord.

Providing age appropriate Biblical and spiritual instruction is a high priority at Lost River. In today’s world, it is very important that young people have a solid foundation on which to build their lives. We believe that the good life is one built on Jesus Christ. We want every child that passes through our class system to know that they are loved by Jesus. This is very different from the modern secular view which claims that we are merely the product of a blind evolutionary process. Instead, we instill in our students the belief that they are the creation of a loving God who has wonderful plans for them.

We offer Bible classes for all ages:

Cradle Class – This class is available for little ones from nine months of age up to two years. Infants and toddlers are very impressionable and begin learning from their environment right away. We have wonderful ladies who sing to the children, show them pictures, physical objects, hand motions and tell them short colorful stories. The Children may not understand theological concepts at this point, but they are being imprinted with a sense of God’s love as received through the kind attention of their teachers.

Pre-School Aged Classes – Children in this age range are fascinated with the stories of the Bible and the many wonders God has performed. Simplified versions of the Bible story are brought to life through story telling, pictures and songs. Simple and yet great truths imprint the child’s mind with the love God has for them. For example, God's love is made known by how He saved Noah and his family from the flood. They also learn to obey God's commands as they discover how Noah built the ark in spite of discouragement from others. The children are also taught to pray and put all their trust in God, through stories like Daniel in the lions' den. The children also learn by doing as they take turns praying for their concerns and for each other.

Elementary – Children in this age range are able to learn an amazing array of facts. In fact learning and memorizing details is fun to most children, even when they really don’t understand what they are learning. Later, as they mature, they will be able to apply the truths learned earlier. Some of the things learned in our elementary classes include:

  • The books of the Bible
  • Periods of Bible history
  • Differences between the Old and New Testaments
  • Countless Bible stories Names of important Bible characters
  • Significant Bible events

During these years we continue to teach them about the nature of God and how He has worked in the history of the world to accomplish our salvation. Through a variety of approaches, God’s love for them is emphasized and they are challenged to show that same love to others.

Middle School – Any parent knows that this is the stage of life when our children really begin to assert their individuality. It can be a frightening time for parents, as they realize that their children are starting to make decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. For the past several years we have utilized a curriculum written by David Banning called, “Get Them Talking.” The goal of this series is to get the students engaged with each other and their teachers about the struggles of living the Christian life. By speaking up and talking to each other, they are able to share their struggles and find solutions that are based on the word of God. We try hard to use teachers who are adept at generating discussion and yet, know how to keep the class focused on the subject at hand.

High School – By this time we are encouraging our students to think of themselves as young men and women. We ask them to take greater responsibility for developing their own faith and establishing Bible study and prayer habits that will serve them well throughout their lives. During their four years in high school, our curriculum will lead them through a study of every book of the Bible. They will also study the evidences for the existence of God, the validity of the Bible and the resurrection of Christ. Periodically, we separate the young men from the young ladies and each will discuss topics that are gender specific. In addition to their classes at the church building, most of our students attend devotionals held at homes of our members every other week. It is a joy to see these young people mature in their faith and exert a positive peer pressure on each other as they prepare to launch out into adulthood.