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Upcoming Events

Bring A Friend

While visitors are always welcome guests here at Lost River, we occasionally provide a special opportunity for members to bring friends. On Sunday morning April 3rd we will have such a service. The theme of the service will be “Finding Purpose In Life.” We hope that everyone will make the effort to bring a friend with them.

E-Team Training To Begin Soon

We will begin training the first couple of evangelism teams Sunday night March  27th. We are very excited about the number of people expressing an interest. It will take some time to get everyone into a group, so be patient as we go through the processes. We want to keep the training sessions small, so as to maximize their effect. The downside is that some will have to wait a few months to get placed into a group. In the meantime keep doing what you can to spread the good news. For an explanation of how the evangelism teams will work, listen here.

Ongoing and Upcoming Events

As we move toward Spring, there are several things blossoming into full bloom here at Lost River. We are in the process of seeking additional men to serve the congregation as elders. If you are a member at Lost River and would like to see someone serve in this capacity, please talk to them first. If they are willing to serve, you may submit their name on the forms that are provided in the church foyer. You will also find a detailed explanation of the process we are following for this appointment process in the foyer.

We are also working to form evangelism teams that will combine diverse skills to assist each other in the work of spreading the gospel. In order to participate you need to fill out a self-evaluation form. These forms must be placed in the baskets located in the foyer by Sunday evening March 13th.

Finally, we are designating Sunday Morning April 3rd as “Bring a Friend Day.” We’ve done this in the past, but it has been a few years. It is simply a day we ask everyone to make a special effort to bring a friend with you to the worship service. More details to come.

Something To Do

As I write this update it’s snowing outside (again). After promising an early Spring, It’s becoming clear that the groundhog is either incompetent or a liar. So, what can we do with our extra indoor time on cold winter days and long winter evenings? Here are a few suggestions:


  • Invite a neighbor over for desert and get to know them better.
  • Have a Bible study with your family.
  • Download a sermon.
  • Have some college students over for dinner.
  • Read a faith building book.
  • Talk with your spouse about ways your family can reach someone with the gospel.

Any of these will leave you feeling better than just watching tv all evening. So commit to something positive and follow through. You will be glad you did.

Spreading the Good News with Berry Kercheville

Spreading the gospel is a key function of the church. As Christians who have experienced the saving grace of God's love, sharing it with others is a top priority. The problem is that we often feel unprepared to share the Lord with those who do not yet know Him. This weekend (January 28-30) the Lost River Church will be hosting Berry Kercheville from Brentwood Tennessee. Berry will combine scripture and experience to teach and encourage us to be better ambassadors for Christ. We encourage all to attend. The schedule for the weekend is as follows:

Friday 7:00pm

Saturday 2:00pm, 6:00pm

Sunday 9:00am, 10:00am, 5:00pm

We look forward to seeing you there!

Happy New Year

We are up and running in 2011. The Lord has blessed us as we begin this new year with a spirit of optimism. Our emphasis for the year is "Spreading the Good News." As Christians we have received the news of God's victory over sin and death, which He accomplished in the death, burial and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. Our mission is to make that message known to as many as we can. We want to proclaim this gospel to those who have not yet come to realize the greatness of this message, the value of their souls and the glory of our God.

During the first few months of this year our emphasis will be directed toward ourselves. We want to lay a solid foundation for the work we will be doing the rest of the year. That foundation will have four pillars. The first pillar is prayer. Salvation is God's work and no efforts we put forth will produce any fruit apart from God's blessing, so we want to begin the year by asking God to open doors for the message and unlock hearts to receive it.  The second pillar is building enthusiasm on our part. We need to see the importance of reaching the lost with the gospel before we will be motivated to do it. The third pillar is training, so we will work toward equipping each member to do their part in spreading the gospel this year. The fourth pillar is thanksgiving. We will not be effective in telling others about what Jesus can do in their lives, unless we are overflowing with gratitude for what He has done in our own.

If you are a member here at Lost River, remember to pray for open doors. Also, pray for the ability to bring the message through those doors. Rejoice in the salvation Christ has brought to you. If you are a visitor on our website and you don't know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Then please take the time to visit the pages on this site that discuss how and why a person becomes a Christian, or visit us here at the church building as soon as possible.

Latest Happenings

The 2010th year of our Lord is coming to an end. Our theme for the year has been the home and family. Several endeavors were undertaken to strengthen the faith and affections of our families here at Lost River and we trust that God has blessed these efforts to His glory. Lawrence’s sermon series on the home concluded last Sunday and all six of those lessons are available on the sermons page. As we look toward the coming year, please keep seeking to Honor God through your family.

Our theme for 2011 will be, “Spreading the Good News.” We want to emphasize reaching out to our friends and families with the gospel. Over the first few months of the year our special focus will be on equipping and training the congregation to share the good news. We will have articles, exhortations and sermons teaching us how to teach others. Also, Berry Kercheville will be back with us for the weekend of Jan 28-30 to encourage us on this theme.

Keep Durell in your prayers as he prepares to take the good news abroad in early January. Also keep Tabitha Wagoner in your thoughts as she will be a part of Durell’s group on this trip.

Consider using some of your down time during the holidays to send a letter or email to one of the men we support in other places. A summary of these men and their work can be found by clicking here.


Sermon Series on the Family:

As we enter the home stretch of the year, we want to put an exclamation point on our theme for 2010. We will do so with a series of lessons on the home and family. These lessons will be practical in nature, and rooted in scripture. We encourage you to be praying for this series and to use it as an opportunity to help your family grow in Christ.


Durell Dobbins is out of the country preaching the Gospel:

Please keep him in your prayers and ask for God to open the hearts of those to whom he brings the word.


Our theme for 2011 will be on local evangelism:

The elders are still working out the details. Pray for them as they do so and look forward to making the coming year a time of sharing the good news with our friends and neighbors in greater measure than ever before. 

Fall Gospel Meeting

Make your plans to attend our fall gospel meeting--Sunday, October 24 through Thursday, October 28--with Wilson Adams.

Morning Services:  Monday through Thursday  11:45 - 12:30

Theme:  Living Above the Daily Grind - 4 Songs Worth Singing. . .

Monday - Who Am I? (and what am I doing here?) Psalm 8

Tuesday - Is God for Real? Psalm 19

Wednesday - Where is God When I Need Him? Psalm 23

Thursday - What Ever Happened to Wonder?  Psalm 139

Sunday a.m. and night services: Sunday through Thursday

Theme:  Building Faith in Modern Times

Sunday a.m. - What Do You See?

3:00 p.m. - Reclaiming Our Purpose

Monday 7:00 p.m.  21st Century Overload (Help for overloaded lives)

Tuesday 7:00 p.m. 5 Things that Threaten Your Family

Wednesday 7:00 p.m. Majesty!  Worship His Majesty!

Thursday 7:00 p.m. Going the Extra Mile & Making the Extra Effort


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