Face to Face: Woman Touched His Garment

Series: Face to Face with the Glory that Transforms
Face to Face with the Glory That Transforms # 7
"Who Touched Me?"
A Private Problem with Public Consequences
This week we encounter Jesus through the eyes of a woman who didn’t want to be noticed. She had a very private problem that came with very public consequences. For twelve years she suffered from an uncontrollable menstrual flow. Not only did this affect her physical health but the law of Moses declared her ceremonially unclean. This meant she could not come into physical contact with other people or enter the temple. The law was very clear, she was defiled by this discharge of blood and so was anything and anyone she touched. It’s all painfully detailed in Leviticus 15:19-33.

Her story is sandwiched in another story. Jesus had been asked to come to the home of a well-connected ruler named Jairus whose twelve-year-old daughter was on the verge of death. As they walked toward his house a crowd was pressing all around which gave this woman her chance to blend in unnoticed. I imagine her head covered and face turned down hoping that nobody would recognize her. At last, her object came within reach and she took hold of Jesus’ garment. Mark’s account does not leave her motive in doubt, “If I touch even his garments, I will be made well.”

Faith He Could Feel
We don’t know how she had come to have faith in Jesus, but we do see her willingness to act on it. She risked everything to venture out for the healing she was desperate to find and the moment she touched Jesus, she felt the healing she craved. But the most astonishing thing in the whole passage is what happened next. Jesus stopped, having felt the power flow out of him and asked, “Who touched me?”  It was an odd question in view of the fact that hundreds of people were pressing on him, but something about her touch was different.
A Blessing Greater Than Physical Healing
She had hoped to receive an anonymous blessing and slip away unnoticed. The physical healing alone would have dramatically changed her life, but what happens next transforms her identity.  Compelled by Jesus’ question, and uncertain of what will be done to her she steps out of the crowd falling at Jesus' feet. She confesses the truth about what she had done with fear and trembling. Jesus then speaks a word to her that changes everything. No longer is she to be called defiled, dirty, or unclean. He calls her “daughter.” Then commending her faith he sends her away in peace.
What About Us?
Isn’t it time you stepped out of the shadows and took hold of the one who has the power to save? Isn’t it time to confess aloud your need and his provision and take your stand with him? The hand that reaches out to take hold of him in faith, he will not slap away. He embraces the genuine and gives them a new name and a new life. If you have already begun to experience the transforming power of Jesus in your life, are you willing to confess in public what he has done in private? In the words of Psalm 107:2a “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!”
This Sunday we will continue our series of encounters with Jesus that we're calling “Face to Face with the Glory that Transforms.” 
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* If you want to do additional reading this week about this woman's encounter with Jesus, here is a suggested list of passages: