Our Leadership

Our Leadership


Jesus said, that those who would be greatest in His kingdom would be those who humble themselves to serve others (Matt 20:25-28). We are blessed to have seven servant leaders who shepherd the flock here at Lost River. The New Testament refers to those in positions of leadership within local churches by several terms including shepherd, elder and overseer. The qualities these men are to possess are given in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. The shepherds currently serving and leading us are:


John Burch, Mark Cochran, Don Dew, Durell Dobbins, Lawrence Kelley, Scott Gary, Randy Scarboro, Jay Wright



The word deacon means servant. These are men who are characterized by the qualities enumerated in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. These men give significant time and attention to people of Lost River and the work we are striving to accomplish. It would be impossible for us to continue functioning without the help and support we receive from these men and their families. Below are the deacons currently serving us at Lost River.

Dale Adams, Daniel Anderson, Matt Bastin, Sterling Borders, Scott Bouldin, Roger Bratton, Taylor Burch, Dan Buselmeier, Kyle Cochran, David Coffey, Scott Conley, Eric Cunningham, Nick Dew, Jason Dorris, Joshua Dorris, Caleb Dunn, Richard Fontenot, Guy Gibson, Chad Graber, Brandon Harris, Caleb Hastings, Tom Helm, Travis Keller, Chase Kelley, Seth King, Stacy Lamb, Joshua Lankford, Scott Logan, Eric Long, Chris Mann, Jared Nix, Joe Norton, Chuck Phillips, Kyle Pierson, Nathan Roper, Shawn Rubel, Philip Russell, Bret Smith, Josh Smith, Matt Stephenson, Eric Stinson, Darrell Tade, Bill Throneberry, Brandon Vickous, Gordon Vickous, Stuart Westphal, Dylan White


We are served by three full-time ministers of the word. They devote themselves to studying, teaching, and preaching the gospel. 

Durell Dobbins - Durell's efforts focus on teaching in classes and in one on one Bible studies and counseling those in need of special attention. As one of our Shepherds, Durell also devotes a significant portion of time to member needs.

Jarrett Ferguson - Jarrett Preaches and teaches each month while giving special attention to our Middle School - Young Adult age range. 

Lawrence Kelley - Lawrence does most of our preaching and is available for counseling and individual or group studies. He also serves as one of our shepherds.