We lead people
into a transforming
relationship with Jesus.

Join our livestream services:
Sunday at 10:45 AM and 5 PM
Wednesday at 7 PM

If you would like to attend in-person services please click here.

The 8:30 AM service will follow stricter guidelines for the benefit of those seeking a lower risk of infection service. To decide if this is the right service for you, watch the video below.


Updated Meeting Times

Sunday 8:30 AM
(Stricter social distancing guidelines observed - masks required and spatial distancing)

Sunday 10:45 AM
(Fewer restrictions: masks are required, closer seating, and no assigned seats.
Note: some individuals are likely to be less careful about where they seat themselves)

Bible Classes (All Ages: Adult, College, Teen, Children)
Sunday 9:45 AM
Wednesday 7:00 PM
(Stricter social distancing guidelines observed - masks and spatial distancing)

Sunday 10:45 AM
Sunday 5:00 PM
Wednesday 7:00 PM

Upcoming Events

  1. Worship - 8:30AM
    Sunday, November 29th, 20208:30am
  2. Worship - 10:45AM
    Sunday, November 29th, 202010:45am
  3. Worship - 5PM
    Sunday, November 29th, 20205:00pm
  4. Worship - 7PM
    Wednesday, December 2nd, 20207:00pm
  5. Worship - 8:30AM
    Sunday, December 6th, 20208:30am