About Us

About Us

At Lost River we want to be of service to our visitors, to our community here in Bowling Green and to people around the world. We believe that we can best serve others by exalting Jesus Christ in everything we do. There is no other person, institution or idea that can do for people what Jesus can.

Being Christ centered means that everything we have to offer others flows out of the grace He has poured into us. So, in introducing ourselves we want you to know that we are a people who have been saved and changed by the power and grace of Jesus (Eph. 2:4-10). This is what defines us as individuals and as a church.

Our church is a family of believers who come from diverse backgrounds. We have a wide range of age groups, education levels, economic situations and ethnicities. Yet we are unified around our shared faith in Jesus Christ. What we share in common is of greater importance to us than all the differences that sometimes drive people apart.

The love God has poured into our hearts through the gift of His Son, has changed the way we relate to each other. At Lost River we share bonds of affection and love that increase our joy in the good times and help us endure the hard times. We believe that pledging ourselves to Christ, necessarily involves pledging ourselves to one another (1John 4:21).

Our desire is to exalt the crucified and risen Christ so that the world can see Him and be drawn to Him. He is the creator and redeemer of the world and we hope that by spending time reading the content of this website or by listening to the audio files that you will be brought closer to Him who is the light of the world.


The Lost River Congregation