Face to Face: Peter

Series: Face to Face with the Glory that Transforms
Face to Face with the Glory that Transforms #4
Like a Rock
Who Was Peter?

He’s one of those characters that most of us can identify with. His given name was Simon, but when Jesus called him to be his disciple he gave him the name Peter, which means rock.  As we track his life with Jesus, it almost seems like the name was given in jest because Peter was like anything but a rock. Prone to extremes, Peter was among the first to confess Jesus as the Son of God only to turn around and rebuke Jesus when he disagreed with him. He was ready to walk on the water to Jesus but was soon distracted by the waves. He boldly declared allegiance to Jesus no matter the cost, then vehemently denied any association with him.

Who Am I?

Like Peter, my walk with the Lord has had its ups and downs. Faith followed by failure within a moment. Forgetfulness coming hard on the heels of bold affirmations. The volatility of my heart frightens me. This is what makes the faithfulness of Christ so powerful. No matter how often I’ve stumbled, or how far I’ve strayed, every time I turn around he’s still there.

How Jesus Changed Peter (and Me)

What I find most encouraging is the way Christ’s faithfulness worked its way into Peter’s character. He gradually became worthy of the name Jesus gave him. By the end of his life, Peter was solid as a rock. The faithfulness of Christ wasn’t something he took for granted, it was something that granted him the power to take control over his wayward heart.

What About You?

If you feel like a wave tossed on the ocean, driven this way and that by the currents of culture, the enticements of the flesh, and the deceptions of the Devil, then you need an anchor. A fixed and faithful person to build your life on. That’s what Peter found in Jesus, calling him the Cornerstone. As Peter built his life upon that unshakeable foundation, he eventually became a man that others could lean on in times of trouble.

This Sunday we will continue our series of encounters with Jesus that we're calling “Face to Face with the Glory that Transforms.” We will look at Jesus through the eyes of Peter and catch a glimpse of what he saw.*

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* If you want to do additional reading this week about Peter and his many encounters with Jesus, here is a suggested list of passages:

Luke 5:1-11
Matthew 14:25-31
Matthew 16:13-23
Matthew 17:1-8
Matthew 18:21-22
Matthew 26:31-35
Matthew 26:69-75
John 6:66-69
John 21:3-19
1 Peter
2 Peter